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Gabriel Diaz, Adventist Mission Spain.

Thanks to the initiative of a young entrepreneur in digital marketing and the synergies of some ministries in the UAE, on March 03, March 2021, we started a campaign through social networks to offer the book, The WaySteps to Christ, for free.

Some time ago, PEW research published a survey in which it says that the pandemic has strengthened and awakened faith in 49% of Spaniards. In Tthinking about how to reach these people and offer them help so that their faith continues to be nourished, this campaign was born., which It had already been in the works for some time, but thanks to various elements, but and especially to the help of the digital marketing company of this young Adventist businessman, it was finally activated.

In just three weeks, we already have a thousand people who have requested the book.

Each person who requests the book receives a phone call from our customer service team (15 volunteer brothers and sisters who belong to various churches in our union), who they  checks that all the details are correct (name, address, CP, etc.). and oOnce this check has been carried out, they inform the person who has placed their order that they will shortly receive the book at home by postmail.

A Bible study for postmodern people

Together with the book that is sent, a short note is enclosed with a presentation of the book and the offer of a special Bible course for people who have no experience in the handling of the Bible and its doctrinal topics. The course is based on the thirteen chapters of The WaySteps to Christ and the main objective is that they canto help them get to know Jesus and His love.

We are amazed to see how many people, once they receive the book, immediately ask for the Bible course that we offer. In the note, we provide you readers with an email address, a 24- hour phone number, and the website for more information.

A double blessing

Our team of volunteers are is happy to participate in this beautiful experience by contacting people who have a real spiritual interest,. mMany of them the volunteers do not come out of their astonishmentare still astonished because normally it is normally believed that we live in a society that has little interest in spiritual matters, but participation in this project has changed their mentality and they remember that the words of Jesus are true even today: "The harvest is plentiful..." Mt. 9.

And for their part, the people who write to us to ask for the Bible course are very grateful to receive this material free of charge and also enjoy for the good positive attention of each of the volunteers who contacts them.

Today, more than ever, we must look for people where they are, and, as it is no longer easy to find them in the squares, nor in the streets, nor in their homes, we now find them easily on social networks.

"Study, plan and devise methods for every worker in the Master's vineyard to reach people where they are. We must do something out of the ordinary routine" Ev, 94.